Natural Hair: Flat Twist Out Takedown Process

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I don't think I've ever shared my flat twist out takedown process with y'all. A flat Twist Out is how I wear my hair at least one day out of every week, unless it's braided.

The style is very easy to maintain and doesn't take a lot of night before work. For my flat twist outs, I generally re-braid them every night or every other night.

If my hair is feeling dry during the re-twisting process, I spritz each section with a liquid and a cream moisturizer before re-twisting. 

For this style, I normally, section my hair off for around five flat twists.

Here's a video of my process.

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Natural Hair Styles | Spiral Curls

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One of my favorite hair styles is spiral curls. Done right, they're full of body, bounce, versatility. 

For this style I'm using the Conair Pro 3Q hair dryer and Conair Curl Secret. Both of these are sold at Walmart in the hair tools section.

When heat styling my hair, I always started with freshly washed hair. I have another blow dryer, but Conair Pro 3Q is a much better tool. 

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Apple Pie Parfait Recipe | Apple Pie in a Glass

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I love a good apple pie especially for the holidays, but it can get tricky trying to serve it. No matter what I do, my slices fall apart.

Whether I cut it cold or hot, I get the same result. Crumbling apple pie doesn't make pretty pre-portioned dessert at family gatherings so this year I'm doing something different. Instead of apple pie slices, I'm serving apple pie parfaits.

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DIY Gold Ball Tutorial

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I feel like I could make these DIY gold studded balls as gifts for any of my decor savvy friends. 
Mine turned out absolutely gorgeous.

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What You Need to Know Before Shopping for Health Insurance

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My husband and I have been self employed for going on six years. Four of those years we were uninsured. 

Not having health insurance was nerve racking, but we kept ourselves healthy through exercise and healthy eating. We later purchased a high deductible plan which means basic care isn't included, but at least you won't have the foot the whole bill for major medical issues.

Now, due to the Affordable Care Act, we have a great plan that a) is affordable and  b) provides coverage for routine checkups and major medical issues. 

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