DIY Football Inspired Checker Board + Game piece pouch

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DIY Football Inspired Checker Board and Game piece pouch

Today I'll show you a fun craft I made especially for my daughter who loves Skittles®, but not football. My Football Inspired DIY Checker Board is unique because it's played with candy. Incorporating candy is a fun way to get non football fans involved at game time.

To create the board I used a few simple crafts items and all of the orange and green colored candies from a bag of Sweets & Sours Skittles.
DIY Football Inspired Checker Board + Game piece pouch

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How Women’s ROGAINE® helped me feel confident about my hair

Fall is fast approaching which means change in weather and a change in hair needs. During the fall I like to wear beanies and my hair braided up in protective styles which will work perfectly as I continue my hair regrowth regimen with Women’s ROGAINE®.

It's been twelve weeks since I've been treating my thinning hairline with Women’s ROGAINE® and I am super happy about the results so far.

Earlier this year I decided to transition from relaxing my to allowing it grow out in it's natural texture.

As of late, I've been wearing my hair in a flat twist protective style since the weather is cooling down. Having my hair braided makes applying the Women’s ROGAINE® everyday easier. 

My night time beauty routine

    1. I rinse my hands with cold water too prep them for the application process. Cooler hands keeps the foam from melting when coming into contact with my hands.

    2. Then I fill the cap with as much product as I need for my thin areas. I use about a half capful.

    3. Next, I massage some product onto the scalp area where my hair is thinning, like a little massage for my hairline.

    4. Once I'm done, I wash my hands thoroughly, while my hairline dries, then tie my hair down with a satin scarf.

I'm not certain if you will be able to accurately see how much my hairline has improved, but I'm absolutely happy with the results. So much so that I plan to continue using Women’s ROGAINE® as part of my beauty routine. When I started using it, the hairs along my hairline especially near my forehead were sparse. 
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Five habits of highly organized people

Five habits of highly organized people

1. We're planners. Highly organized people take time throughout the day to organize their thoughts, their time and forecast the future. 

The day for me starts with my planner and calendar. I sit down for 15-30 minutes reviewing the day before, mapping the current day and forecasting the future. When I skip this, I end the day feeling like I reacted to the days activities versus attacked my day with a focused plan. On the days I skip this step, I end up not having used my energy to accomplish the as much as I could have.

2. We're goal setters. Highly organized people take time to decide what they want to do. Where they want to go. They map out how they're going to get there and how they're going to accomplish their goals.

This piggy backs on the planning part of my day. Every month starts with a planning session that focuses on my goals for the month. The monthly goals are smaller tasks that help me get closer to my annual goal. Highly organized people thrive on results and goals provide a concise start and end point to the activities I devote my time to daily.

3. We're visionaries. Highly organized people see things how they are but they are also able to visualize things how they should be.

They don’t get stuck by problems.They don’t get overwhelmed and paralyzed into inactivity. Highly organized people are very future focused and that keeps them from getting too bogged down with the present. 

Each day, I try to visualize where I want to be and what life will be like once I reached my goals. Taking time to see myself at the end of my journey gives me fuel to do the work necessary to get there.

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