5 Cupcake Recipes Your Kids Will Love

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I love a good cupcake and the ones that have that extra special touch are even better. Cupcakes happen to be my kids' love language. :)

When they see the cupcake pan come out of the cabinet, they start volunteering to do chores and give me foot massages.

Do you need a little cupcake inspiration to get your kids motivated, here are 5 cupcakes your kids will love.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Ice Cream Sundae Recipe

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This #HeroesEatMMs shop has been compensated by #CollectiveBias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.

My boys 14 and 10 are still into superheroes. Their biggest real life super hero is their father. He's always been firm on building traditions and one of them is family movie nights. Even when I thought the kids were getting too old for movies nights and that we should let them do self directed activities instead of movie night, he was adamant about keeping it going. 

That means, sometimes the boys end up watching princess movies and sometimes my daughter ends up watching super hero movies. What has happened as a result is, no matter their age or gender, they've come to love what the others love. I sat and listened as my fourteen year old son sang all of the lyrics to Frozen along with his younger siblings. And I often overhear my 12 year old daughter reenacting scenes from the latest superhero movie.

The latest movie on our movie night agenda is Marvel's Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

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Our Weekend with Friends Football Menu

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 We had a wonderful weekend with friends and football. 

Around this time of year, every weekend, until football season ends, will include some type of football related activity, whether Fantasy Football drafts, games at home or games at a stadium.

I'm head football activity chef and this weekend was my husbands Fantasy Football draft. In fact, he joined two leagues and ended up having two drafts at the same time. I was no help with draft picks, so I decided to make a little sumptin' sumptin' in the kitchen. 
My goal for dessert was Strawberry Cream Cheese cupcakes, but while talking to my husband, I added two cups of powdered sugar to the recipe in place of flour. 

The cupcakes turned out too sticky so I pulsed the that couldn't be salvaged in the food processor and made a Strawberry Trifle.

The overly sweet cupcakes worked perfectly for this dessert.

There were four cupcakes that held their shape despite the excess sugar, so I iced them with cream cheese frosting.

For the main dish, I made fried chicken drumsticks, buffalo wings and hot wings. For the side, I fried up some homemade fries and baked some frozen fries.

Since we were having friends over, I pulled out the  2 gallon juice dispenser I ordered a few weeks ago and made a pitcher or iced tea. 

Everything was made ahead of time making it possible for me to enjoy time with my family and our friends. 

Cute Fall & Winter Fashion for Girls Under $15 plus FREE Shipping!!

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Check out all of this cute Fall & Winter fashion for girls
I recently did a boatload of Fall shopping for my daughter and must say, she's the cutest 7th grade Fashionista in the school. 

Cute Fall & Winter Fashion for Girls

I never spend a whole lot of money on her clothes, but she always looks like a million bucks. Today I'm going to help you get some amazing Fall looks for your kids on a shoestring budget. 

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Gift Guide | Best Running Shoes for Any Budget

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When looking for the best running shoe for my feet and budget I look for quality of material, craftsmanship, feel of the shoe on my foot and style.

I have tried on and purchased a lot of running shoes in my lifetime and I don not play around when it comes to my feet. No matter the size of my budget, the running shoe must meet my previously mentioned standards for the budget I have to work with.

Each running shoe listed is either owned by me, my husband, a friend or is one that I've tried on and plan to buy.

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